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I am a 21 year old student at Dallas Baptist University majoring in Philosophy.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Introduction and Venting

For those of you who do not know me (and for those who do), I am Junior at Dallas Baptist University. I am a Philosophy and Biblical Studies major. I am no longer a Baptist (which is why I came to DBU), because I am a Presbyterian and accepted Paedo-Baptism (which was not an easy thing to do). I think the two things that hinder people most from accepting this (to use James White's phrase against him) are tradition and unfamiliarity. I am 20 years old, and I aspire to go to Westminster Theological Seminary in Dallas for my M.Div. when I graduate from DBU (I also hope to go to The Univeristy of Dallas for an M.A. in Philosophy simultaneously). I am engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world (I love you, Stephanie)! We will be getting married on August 14, 2004. If you want to know anymore personal information, just e-mail me.

I have been intrigued by blogs for a while now. I have a lot of things that I could speak of on here that otherwise wouldn't be said. This is a very good thing for me!

I got interested in the blogs because I started reading the wars going on between James White and Tim Enloe. I must say, that I took Enloe's side on this matter. I used to be really fond of James White, when I was a Reformed Baptist (which I now believe to be an oxymoron). I really like White's arguments for Calvinism. He does a very good job of defending God's sovereignty. However, there is something that I also have noticed in him, namely if you disagree with him you offer no "meaningful interaction". This was more on a corporate level. On a more personal note, I used to go into his chatroom to talk to him, because I had the utmost respect for him, and thought he was the greatest defender of orthodoxy ever (and I told his as much). He made me feel very unloved, because he would talk with all of these other people, and pretty much ignored every thing I had to say. Needless to say, I do not have as much respect for the man, James White, as I used to. However, I still think he has been used for the proliferation of the Kingdom of God.

I used to be under the auspicion that the Catholic church was the "whore of babylon" and the Pope was the Anti-Christ. However, that opinion of mine has since changed. There are a plethora of believers in the Catholic church who show the fruit of the spirit. I still disagree with them on doctrinal issues that do have importance. I love the way they emphasize church history. Church history is something that Protestants are very unfamiliar with, unfortunately. I think this is part of what I would call the "Anabaptistic error", which is that every individual is his own interpreter, and church history makes no difference, and we do no have any presuppositions when we come into the text. This is absurd reasoning.

Another problem with modern day protestants is how pejorative we are to one another. We have to resort to ad hominems rather than addressing the issue at hand (I am very guilty of this). I have gotten this often at a Baptist school being one of the few paedobaptists here. This is really quite sad. We can (and should) disagree with error, however, we should be loving about it.

Following in the same vein of the "Anabaptistic error" is that everyone wants to be non-denominational now, and have all of these little "local churches". This has been room for many heresies and/or bad theology (i.e. Word-of-Faith being a heresy; Chiliasm, or Premillennialism being bad Theology). And, we as Protestants do not even care that these are not historic beliefs (although, Premillennialism has had a few historical precendents). But, the idea of the "local church" as foreign to the scriptures as it is, is being tauted by many Christian leaders today.

It is my dire opinion that the Church, the Body of Christ is in dire need of Reformation. The gospel is flourishing in other continents (Africa and Asia), but they are not being taught where they came from! How can this be? I think much of the problem stems from the Modern Education system. Classical Education was thrown out the window, while we have dumbed our culture down. It seems that the more dumbed down we get, the more anti-Christian we get (of course, the enlightenment was a period of much learning and skepticism, but the majority of Christians did not follow the Anabaptistic error at that time).

Well, that is enough venting for the night!