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Thursday, January 06, 2005


The conference in Monroe was a blast! I got to meet some wonderful people from the internet among others. I met Barb Harvey, Daniel Harper, Andrew Fulford, Pastor Doug Wilson (I find it incredibly interesting about his charges of heresy; I wouldn't be a paedobaptist if not for the Federal Vision), Pastor Tim Gallant, Rev. Norman Shepard (who is one of the most wonderful men of God I have ever met, especially considering the things that are said about him), Dr. Doug Green, Dr. Peter Enns, Dr. Dan McCartney, Dr. Steve Taylor, Dr. Peter Wallace, Pastor Rich Lusk, Pastor Steve Wilkins, Pastor Steve Schlissel, Pastor Randy Booth, Pastor Roger Wagner, Dr. Richard Gaffin, and Bishop N.T. Wright. That is all that I can remember right now off hand. I also have pictures with Norman Shepard, Richard Gaffin and N.T. Wright :).

I already pretty much knew where Dr. Gaffin would be going (if you have read Geerhardus Vos and Herman Ridderbos at all, then you will know). Bishop Wright really didn't say anything new, either. However, the dialogue during the Q & A was quite helpful. Wright showed that he really is very similar to the Redemptive-Historical school of thought in Reformed Theology. Of course, they have different emphases, but I thought they were saying some very similar things. Their Eschatology is incredibly similar. It is funny that Ligon Duncan critisizes Wright for having an over "Realized Eschatology" when Gaffin's emphasis is quite similar, especially concerning Christ's resurrection and that ushering in the "new age".

During the dinner with Bishop Wright, I discussed some Philosophy with him (since that my chief area). I have seen him mention Martin Heidegger a few times, and those if you who know me know that I eat him up (this is attributable to Professor Todd Kappleman from DBU). I told him that I liekd the area in which Radical Orthodoxy was going, and he said that the one area that he didn't like about them was that they didn't know what to do with the Bible (he especially cited Catherine Pickstock here).

I purchased four new books while there. I got The Federal Vision, The Second Adam and the New Birth, Paradox and Truth and Rediscovering the Triune God. Dr. Naugle has asked me to present a paper for the Paideia College Society at DBU. Os Guiness is going to be coming and I am going to write on the Trinitarian basis for all of theology (I really need to get a hold of Pastor Jeff Myers for this). Well, this is all for now. I must go do some reserach on recent Trinitarian theology. I might post some more later.


Blogger berek said...

:'( I wanted to meet Lord Bishop N. T. Wright, too! Norman Shepherd wud have been a kewl guy to meet, too. *sigh* glad u had fun there, tho! ^^/

8:05 AM  
Blogger U.T. Brito said...

hey send me a pic when you can.

4:16 AM  
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